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“I’ve Been Rich, I’ve Been Poor. Rich is Better”
So said Sophie Tucker, Mae West and Gertrude Stein who all eventually became wealthy in their own right.

Few women are financially free. Most rely on a partner, a family, an employer or the government to take care of them. Unfortunately most women will find that at some time in their life they will experience poverty. This is a shock to many because it is not generally how we foresee our lives; not the life we would consciously choose for ourselves, our mothers or our daughters.

Some women have learnt how to be wealthy; some have learnt how to become financially independent. Some women have learned to work only part-time and have become millionaires. You can too. Wherever you are now, you can get there from here.

Just how have these women achieved financial freedom?

The surest way to get to ‘Rich is Better’ is to learn the system that ensures that money works for you rather than you work for money.

Let me tell you a little about my life. After qualifying as a pharmacist I married and had five children. We lived in a house with a tennis court and had a life that looked sensational – from the outside. Without going in to detail, my life, as I knew it shattered. My husband was gone and I was forced to stand on my own two feet. Many painful, happy, challenging, productive and often frustrating years later I found myself living in Sydney. Though not in my plans to return to Melbourne a devastating family crisis brought me back.

In 1998 I lived in my brother’s beach house and started to write my first book. For more than a year I’d attracted no work that was going to pay. For months I had been feeling the pressure of lack of finance and it weighed heavily on me. The fact was I was broke and alone. Many applications for pharmaceutical positions had attracted no response at all. I had to do something!

On 30th June I did a budget. I had registered a company several years previously for a pharmacy that was now, like most else, gone. I discovered the company would survive as long as I bought no food and paid no rent. Fine!!

There was nothing for it. The next day I endured humiliation as I stood in line at Centrelink to see what benefits I could get to keep body and soul together. I pondered how I would go applying for jobs. The supervisor smiled when I told him how dreadful I felt. He said, “Sooner or later everyone ends up here.” I can’t really explain how these words somehow made me feel a little better.

It turned out I was eligible for the Widows Allowance and I didn’t have to apply for jobs. What a relief! I felt as if a heavy load had lifted off my shoulders. Nothing in my life had prepared me for the poverty I was experiencing. Neither had I been prepared for the life possible on ‘benefits’.

There are no mistakes. Standing there in the Centrelink office, my feelings a jumble of relief and shame, my mobile phone rang. It was a friend from Sydney. I admitted my humiliation in attending Centrelink. She said, “Oh No! You should have resisted.”

As soon as she said that, a bell rang in my head. Years earlier I learned, What You Resist Persists. I realized I’d stopped resisting poverty. Unbelievably, later that day a call came. It was an offer of pharmacy work. I received the Widow’s Allowance for three weeks. From then I earned more than the payment.

By 2002 I owned one million dollars worth of property.
Something had clicked for me.

As a pharmacist I understood formula. I was trained to analyse data. Managing my business had taught me about cash flow. Managing five children is great training in developing reliable systems. That I had become a pharmacist in the first place reminded me that I am an able learner. These things just had to start working for me.

I did it! So can you.

I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor. Rich is Better.

If you simply take the time to learn how to be wealthy you too can become a millionaire. Put money to work for you so you don’t have to work for money. It is important to respect money. When you show respect for money it will respect you. I have learnt to love money and I believe money loves me!

Of course, it wasn’t always like that. As we all do I grew up taking on my parents’ beliefs about money. I was the first of six children. Dad worked for a wage and Mum worked in the house. My mother stretched every dollar cooking cheap cuts of meat and sewing many of our clothes. Like most women of the era my mother handed over money she inherited to Dad. I often noticed how powerless Mum was about money. I wonder if it was because she had no money of her own she felt powerless.

The money messages I inherited were: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “If you have a lot of money you must have got it by illegal means.” “It’s a challenge to hold on to money.” “The more money you have, the more you waste.” “It’s hard to make money.” “What goes up must come down.” “It takes money to make money.” “You have to work hard for money.” “Money is the root of all evil.”

With these messages in my head it’s no wonder I was broke.

Maybe you have in your mind messages that are not serving you. It is important to uncover your money pattern. These beliefs can be deep seated. If you think, “I don’t have enough” the result that shows up in your life will be lack of funds. Whatever you think manifests in your life.

I decided it was time I chose my own messages. I looked about. There are a lot of wealthy people on the planet. Surely they were marching to a different money message. I had to make up ‘money messages’ that created different outcomes from my parents’ messages. Now I believe “Making money is easy.” “Money creates freedom and joy.” “It takes creativity to make money.” “It takes management to keep money and grow it.” “I now have the skills to make money effectively.” “The more money I have, the more I can have.”

As a pharmacist I learnt to apply formulas. There are formulas for making and growing money. Money follows certain laws. I set up a money system.

The system works like this. Divide your after tax dollars. Pay yourself first. Take 30% off the top and live on the remaining 70%. The first 30% is divided into 3 parts. 10% is for investing (Freedom Fund), 10% for saving and 10% for giving away to charity (Tithing). When you are successful with 30% you can increase it to 50% and start a ‘Play’ Account and an ‘Education’ Account

For many years I studied the teachings of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller. Dr. Fuller, author, philosopher, scientist, physicist and much more, was a man who received more accolades after his name than anyone else in the American Who’s Who. He discovered many generalized principles that apply in nature and also apply universally. One such principle is multiplication by division. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? When you think about that iris bulb you took home and dig up to divide every year you will get the idea. The same thing happens with money. Each segment grows.

Another principle is that mass attracts. Start with one dollar; add another dollar and the mass increases. It then attracts more and before long there is more money in the pot.

Compounding with time and interest makes your savings grow. Albert Einstein said, “Compounding is mankind’s greatest invention because it allows for the reliable systematic accumulation of wealth.”

I now find it is compelling fun to put money into my Freedom Fund. I enjoy it so much it is the first thing I do every day. I put money into my Freedom Fund every day. Sometimes it is a coin and sometimes it is a note. I happily go without a cappuccino so I can save that money. I love saving money and I find it easy to take a sandwich from home rather than spend money to buy lunch. I say: “I’d rather buy another property, or travel overseas, with the money I save.” When you build the habit you too will love to put money away so that money can grow for you.

To buy an investment property I used the money from the Freedom Fund and borrowed money from the bank. I applied the principle of leverage (doing more with less). The smaller money from the fund controlled the larger money from the bank. I bought an apartment that was leased and the rental covered the monthly repayments. Good timing ensured that the property price increased quickly as real estate values escalated. With the increased equity in the property I can do this over and over.

Next I started a small business with a friend. I took the money I saved in the Freedom Fund and my business partner matched the amount. We bought a new coin-operated washing machine and a new coin-operated tumble dryer and put them in to a block of flats. After two years we expanded to another block of apartments with two new machines. The money flows in twice as fast.

The ‘Play’ account is important because it provides a balance. The rule with the ‘play’ account is that the money is ‘blown’ each month. It is spent on fun or luxury. Doesn’t it make you feel good to splurge on a massage, a special dinner out or a new pair of shoes?

It’s important to keep learning and there is always money in the education account to spend on improving the mind.

Tithing is defined as ‘tax of one-tenth especially tenth part of annual produce of land or labour taken for support of clergy and church.’ This is ‘giving back’. Twice in my life I was given very quick lessons when I gave money away to charity. I clearly remember being on holiday with my husband and five young children and listening in church to a petition for money for a worthy cause. You know how it is when your emotions are stirred. Although financially challenged I dug deep and contributed $10. In those days $10 was a lot of money for us to give away. Later that day we visited the local Leagues Club. I put 10c in a poker machine and $10 fell in to the bowl. On another occasion I gave away a large note. Shortly after the exact same amount appeared on the pavement and I picked it up. These two experiences taught me not to be afraid to give money away. The practice of tithing demonstrates a belief that more money will come to replace what is given away. Money (energy) goes out and money (energy) flows in to fill the void.

Money is like everything else in the universe. It follows laws. If you simply take the time to learn the steps and practice you too can be wealthy. For years I and others before me have been saying, “Rich is Better.”

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