Comments about Mary King's workshops, speaking, and counseling sessions using Voice Dialogue.

Rich is Better Workshop

This workshop surprised me with just how good it is. Mary King has distilled mountains of brilliant information and presents it in a crystal clear and fun manner. She is authentically warm hearted and generous in delivering information and activities perfectly designed to help women get over their fears and hesitations about being wealthy. Every woman needs to do this course, the earlier the better!

Libby Grace - Senior Supply Chain Consultant BaArts(Hons), MBA, Master Environ

Mary is a warm generous presenter who imparts much wisdom and practical knowledge. I have attended many workshops in the past and found myself very pleasantly surprised with her methods; filled with fun and literally magic. And what really struck me was her disarming self-honesty which further proved her invaluable strength and expansive world and self-knowledge.

Jacquie Browne Better Life Expo

Very thorough and comprehensive, thought-provoking and delivered with heart. Just the shot in the arm I needed to get back on track, motivated and committed to generating wealth for me. Thank you Mary. Excellent backup and resources. Fantastic value for money.

Sandra Boyd

Rich is Better - Wealth for Women Workshop was an excellent opportunity to consider how we've arrived at the financial position we are now experiencing and it offered valuable tools and strategies to assist the participants to move forward in the direction they desire. Something for everyone! Good for you, for the wonderful work you are doing to assist people in being more responsible and abundant.

Julie Davey Best-selling international author A for Attitude

The weekend has given me clarity and purpose. And also the belief I can be financially free. I have feelings of empowerment and now trust my ability to do whatever I need to do to succeed.

Julie Barker

Thank you Mary. It is a very good and very thorough program that helps to explore and break down the reasons for lack of wealth, approaching blockages from different angles. A great weekend!

Margaret Allan

Many thanks, you work wonders for others when you don't even know it.

Deborah Knowles LL.B (Hons) (Melb)

You, Mary, are a very inspirational person. I loved your personal stories. ‘Rich is Better’ gave precise, simple and easy to follow steps you can immediately put into practise. This workshop will change your life even if you only take one or two points with you.

Gillian Klevansky

How much I learned in just two days has impressed me and given me confidence. Lots of thanks!

Katie Delaney

Rich is Better – Wealth for Women is a weekend full of positive information. I realise I can be financially free and am now making a commitment to achieve this.

Catherine Mann

Mary is a down-to-earth, engaging and knowledgeable presenter. She appears to be ‘walking her talk’ so to speak. The workshop was fun and positive. I’d recommend it to any woman wanting to take further steps towards creating the wealth they desire.

Michelle de Vries LLB

Well worth doing. I thought I knew the reasons why I do what I do, but found out so much about myself that I didn’t know. I had lots of ‘ha ha’ moments.

Lorraine Henshaw

It’s empowering for women.

Maria Colosimo

Mary delivers a practical and inspirational program by focussing on what we can do by tapping into our spiritual possibilities to create wealth.

Jenn Shallvey

It’s fantastic, very worthwhile. All women need to feel empowered, so it’s very worthwhile. Thank you so very much!

Lydia Hart

It was great! Very entertaining speaker! I feel excited and re-vitalized about my life – not just money. Thank you.

Alexandra Bambagioti

It was very good. Looking at our underlying beliefs, where they come from and how they sabotage our conscious effort, was excellent. By the end of the second day the sessions all made sense and came together like jigsaw pieces.

Melanie Murray

Very enlightening weekend! It was helpful towards changing my attitude and mind set to money and gave excellent tools for reaching and changing deep-seated blocks and negativity.

Carol Taylor

"Thank you for sharing your wealth of information with me. I got so much out of your seminar. The shift for me has been so great that my issues around lack of money have completely disappeared.

"I have been using my workshop book. I am finding the decrees essential in my success. I think the best thing for me was writing my views of money, screwing up the paper and releasing it.

"Before I did your workshop, I had never really given to charity (other than a raffle ticket here and there). I always considered myself poor. Little did I realize how rich I actually was. After completing your workshop I had a whole shift. I discussed with my husband Troy about donating to charity. This year for Christmas instead of having a family Kris Kringle we pooled our money and purchased some goats, chickens, pigs and fish through Oxfam to donate to a small village. My goodness this feels amazing! You realize that one person can make a difference!

"The best thing I got out of your workshop is that you need to have a greater purpose than self, ego or to just make money. Once I took those driving factors out of existence the money is coming in. My greatest purpose through my business and in life is to make a difference by educating people on their health and what toxic ingredients they are putting on their skin, I want to bring to awareness social and political issues. Five cents from every product sale will be donated to Conservation Australia and the on-line store people will be able to choose their charity. (Giving them personal power and to see that their contribution will make a difference.) It’s funny what one person got out of a weekend wealth power course.

"On Thursday night we won Swinburne Business of the year award, on Friday we just sold our range of products to a lovely intimate boutique in Degraves Street, City called the Cats Meow.

"We are really going places Mary and I thank you once again for your insight.

"I have no hesitation about recommending your course to others."

Samantha Molineux Lily loves Pearl

“Really fabulous two days – very inspiring and challenging. I learnt a lot and gained a lot of insights and tools to use from this day forth. Thank you Mary”

Brigitte Calvert Create Unlimited Coaching

Mary, You have an absolute perfect grounding to really empower women all over this country. Thank you for having the courage to share and the ‘Lioness’ to empower.

Rebecca Spencer Life Beyond Limits

"I applaud you and your outstanding efforts to pull all that knowledge together in a concise and engrossing two-day workshop. I pulled out all stops to get there on time on day two, so I didn’t miss a second. In my view you are right on target."

Denise Brand

"Mary King is a lively presenter. She has a wealth of knowledge. I learnt a lot about my habits and now have the tools to change."

Roz Clarke

"I liked the fact the workshop teaches women to feel empowered in making money."

Simone North

"Fantastic weekend, very clear, A good balance between logical, analytical and attitudinal. I would recommend it to my friends and I look forward to joining the Wealth Creation Club."

Dr Joanna Hickey

"Thank you Mary. I really enjoyed the information and found it inspiring."

Andrea Greer

"Thanks Mary. Your personal story is an informative and inspiring one. I received some really useful tools to help with the challenges on the financial road ahead."

Denise Thamrin

"I cannot thank you enough for the service you provided and for how you opened doors to new opportunities
for me to be aware of. I have started on the workbook. It took a few days to get into it. Then I was surprised at what surfaced! I had not realized the impact this would have."

Jennifer Comrie

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to do your workshop. I had been putting out to the universe for a workshop just like it for about 5 years now ... and it came! At first I did not recognize it as the one I had asked for, as our wishes so often arrive in a slightly different form!

"It has certainly been a turning point for me. I feel very 'unblocked' now which is a wonderful feeling! Many of the blocks were very serious ones in which I always felt futile in my attempts to get past them, so for that I truly thank you!

"I'm doing my workbook diligently and putting money in the FFJJB each day! I have also started a savings account for the first time and am excited by watching my money grow!

"You are an inspiring person and have been a wonderful teacher for me. I guess what I’m trying to say is ... you should feel very proud of yourself for helping me and so many others with issues around money. It has been such a source of stress and worry for me all my life and now I feel much more positive about my relationship with wealth moving into the future!

"I'll look forward to touching base with you in the future for either voice dialogue work or money network ... or something!"

Elizabeth Muir, Account Executive

Thank you for an informative and profound weekend. I have been inspired to invest and to further expand my knowledge in this area. Warm regards,


Professional Speaking

"Thank you so very much for presenting at our last BizWIN function - Are Women Their Own Worst Enemies? at the Centre for Innovation & Technology Commercialisation. We had a large audience and thank you for the interesting topic, which kept the audience captivated and interested until the end. It was lovely to see the humorous side within each of us and that you were able to connect the women who were attending. It was obvious that this topic is very close to your heart as this was a passionate presentation and it was great that everybody could share their own stories at this event. We can recommend your services to anybody with greatest confidence. Not only are you a very efficient and competent presenter, but you also possess magnificent interpersonal skills."

Barbara Keyte-Bemdt BizWIN Founder

"Thank you for your presentation at the Portfolio Services Branch Forum last week. I was pleased with the way that you were able to integrate theory and ideas into a lively and well paced session. Staff came away with additional strategies and some thought provoking ideas on how to operate positively in their work environment. Feedback from staff who attended the forum has been very positive. I wish you well in your future endeavours."

Vicki Pridmore Director Portfolio Services Dept. of Human Services

"Mary King was the inspirational speaker at Wegener's Granulomatosis Support Group of Australia biennial conference. Wegener's Granulomatosis is a rare small vasculitis disease of unknown origin affecting approximately 1 in 30,000 individuals and left untreated is generally fatal within 1 to 5 years. The conference was attended by sufferers and carers from all over Australia and also had four specialist Doctors as guest speakers. Her topic 'Illness as a Life Teacher' was apt as many of the attendees have had the disease for many years. Ms King spoke with animation, depth, sincerity and understanding indicating that she had researched her subject and the affect that Wegerer's Granulomatosis has on its sufferers. She ended with a wonderful rendition of a tale of frogs trying to reach the top of a tower. Only one frog made it because that frog was deaf to the negative voices that caused the other frogs to give up. Ms King encouraged us to be positive and enjoy life, even with our illness. She gave us an opportunity to view life whether ill or not from a different angle. The audience was attentive and interested. Feedback later indicated that participants left with a way to deal with their illness in a more positive and enlightened manner. All in all a wonderful performance that inspired us all."

Wally Van Dort Wegener's Granulomatosis Support Group of Australia

Voice Dialogue

"My personal session with you was 'huge' for me, and it's made an enormous difference to my life!! I no longer feel that I have to be responsible for 'everything'... thank you so much."

Eileen Auckland, New Zealand

"The Voice Dialogue concept is just brilliant. It gives access to the conflicting voices in our heads that can hold us back from our full potential. It gives tools for changing our thinking at the grass roots level with lasting effect."

Ian McLean PhD People Performance Wizard

"The effect it (my sessions with Mary King) has had on my spirit is like someone taking a comb to badly tangled hair, but not as painful... That is unimaginable freedom. Until someone experiences it, they cannot understand how good it feels."

Trudy Oldaker Psychic Consultant

"I had come to stumbling blocks. I knew what I had to do, but couldn't. Mary King enabled me to discover the blocks that were holding me back. I lacked confidence and assertiveness, particularly in my work environment. I used to feel uncomfortable and inadequate in business meetings. Now in meetings I am more in control. My work colleagues listen to what I have to say. I have found a strong inner peace. I know I will take on more challenges and achieve my set goals. I now have a purpose."

Edward Charewicz Businessman

"Voice Dialogue is a fantastic tool which results in clients achieving major breakthroughs. It is a hands-on method for gaining incredible insights."

Robert Hilliar Psychologist

"Voice Dialogue has done amazing things for my self-esteem. I've now gone from constant daily struggle to being at peace with the choices I make."

Bob Mead Chartered Accountant

Power to Choose Workshop

"When I did Power To Choose, I became aware of behaviour patterns I have carried most of my life that were not serving me. Now I can choose my behaviour. I highly recommend Mary's work."

Jerry Speiser Musician, Educator, Businessman

"Power To Choose was gentle yet extremely powerful which gave me new insights into my relationships with myself and others. I gained a clearer understanding of the many different sometimes seemingly conflicting parts of me and why I find certain behaviours irritating, infuriating or endearing in others. How many times do we have the same scenario happening over and over again with the same person? I was able to take the scenario to pieces and look at how it was created and escalated, and learned the key to breaking the pattern - not by having the other person change, but by a very simple empowering and responsible response based on awareness. Mary's facilitation demonstrated her passion for and commitment to this work and her very strong desire to have her clients be able to move forward in their lives with more joy, love and understanding."

Kalli Pulos Personal and Executive Coach