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The Patriarchal Voice: Turn Your Hidden Persuader into a Powerful Ally

"In her recent book about female wine makers, Crushed By Women, Jeni Port remarks that for many women in the professional arena, "many of the battles of the past have been won." She goes on to explain that, in order to succeed, women should no longer feel the need to be 'one of the boys.' In fact, as more and more women break through into the top of their field, many professionals can at last look forward to simply being 'one of the gals.' But, in The Patriarchal Voice, author and professional pharmacist, Mary King, reminds us that this is far from the case, particularly for those women who find themselves at the tips of the branches of feminist discussion. As a successful professional, and as an eager and actively aware participant in life, Mary has also had occasion to examine specific gender roles and their implications for the aspiring modern woman. Her book offers an instructive personal perspective on women's issues, particularly for those of us who have been left out of the dialogue. Indeed, The Patriarchal Voice offers a valuable new entry point into the conversation, invited and guided by the insightful personal extrapolations of a keen commentator.

Anne Regan B.A., M.Ed. Careers Consultant - Regan Consulting Pty Ltd

"Mary King's The Patriarchal Voice has an important and timely healing message for us all, both women and men. Her wisdom and insight into the deeply held beliefs that underpin our actions can help us break free from archaic and damaging behaviour patterns. This book is empowering for both sexes, and will inspire many people to make important changes in their lives."

Michelle Michie Managing Director - Nicholson Media Group

"It is surprising how we travel through life not being aware of the Patriarchal Voice which is firmly lodged within our subconscious minds. The Patriarchal Voice should be read by ALL women regardless of age, profession and marital status. Mary King has written this book in a conversational, easy-to-read and thought provoking manner. She clearly communicates how we can recognise the Patriarchal Voice and change our lives."

Kay Watts AIMS, BA(Soc Sc), MA(Mgmt) National Sales Manager Australian Biotechnology News

"The Patriarchal Voice will definitely be on my 'to buy' list for all the women in my life that I care about. I found myself in so many of the pages and as a practising psychotherapist I know how important it is to 'name' what is happening for us on an unconscious level before we tackle it. We all, men and women, will thank Mary King for writing for us a book that will surely change, for the better, the lives of all who read it."

Margaret Seedsman Psychotherapist

" ... Mary King gets you thinking. You may not agree with everything she says but she has the courage to say what she thinks. If you want your thinking provoked read The Patriarchal Voice."

Kevin Bolt MD Operation Transformation Pty Ltd

"Mary King has done it again; she has taken the risk of baring much of her soul to help her readers gain insights into their often unconscious patterns of behaviour. I admire her courage in doing so. I gained valuable perspectives from The Patriarchal Voice, and recommend it to both men and women. These perspectives help in developing self-awareness, which I believe is the key to living the conscious life that Socrates recommended so long ago!"

Charles Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., CSP
Author of best-selling Passionate People Produce and Passionate Performance

"Mary King's The Patriarchal Voice is not about 'men versus women', although as I read it there were times when I thought it was! It is about the dynamic relationship between the masculine and feminine aspects within all people. As such, it is an important contribution to each of us understanding ourselves at a deeper level."

Ian McDonald Corporate Development Consultant

"Mary King offers simple truth which gives some direction towards healing our hearts. To empower our inner voice we need to hear the loving voice of the feminine power."

Dr Janet Hall
Psychologist, Sex Therapist, TV Personality and Author of several books includng
Boss Of The Bladder
, Toddler Taming, Fight-Free Families and Confident Kids

"I totally loved The Patriarchal Voice! Beautifully written and simply explained. It brought to consciousness my inner voice therefore allowing me more choice in my everyday life. Mary King has a special way with words. I totally support her quest for bringing completion to the women's movement to achieve harmony and equality for all."

Anna Hamilton
Professional Member Tarot Guild of Australia and The Australian Psychics Association,
Former President Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) Foundation Ltd

"Over the years I have witnessed much human suffering. When the soul has been repressed from early childhood by the Patriarchal Voice, more often than not the child continues to abuse himself or herself by giving voice to the critic it has become used to. I sincerely hope that understanding and harnessing this Patriarchal Voice enables future generations to go for their dreams and look forward to loving and fulfilling lives. I am honoured to be involved in such a worthwhile and important project, and hope you enjoy The Patriarchal Voice as much as I have."

Susan Barton
Founder The Lighthouse Foundation,
Author with Katherine Ingram of Build Your Teenager's Self-Esteem