The Power to Choose

From the desk of Mary King

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An Open Letter to Any Woman Who Wants to Learn How to be Wealthy

Dear Potentially Wealthy Woman,

Picture yourself when you have made your first million dollars. Picture yourself financially independent. You don’t have to rely on your partner, your family, your employer or the government. You have the money to choose the lifestyle you desire. You hear people saying to you “you achieved a great life.” You are free to do what is in your heart.

Just imagine it. What do you see? Do you want to travel to see the world? Do you want to join an expensive, exclusive club? Do you want a beautiful house or car? Do you want to pursue the arts? What do you wish you could be, do and have?

Get a picture in your mind of where you are living. See your home in its splendor – your haven to rest in after an enjoyable day doing whatever you choose to do to feel fulfilled. Imagine how you are feeling. Imagine the relief and the feeling of joy …  Is this taste of wealth to your liking?

What will bring you happiness and freedom from financial concerns? How would you like to worry no more about where the next dollars are coming from?

Do you think it is possible for you to achieve your dreams? What’s stopping you from going for them now? Why are you not already wealthy?

Maybe you have the desire and you don’t yet know how to make it happen.

Would you like to have a steady income that turns up regularly without any more effort from you?

Would you like to learn how money works? Would you like to learn the laws of wealth?

Are you prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve the success that's out there for you?

What do you need to learn to ensure that money flows to you and stays with you? Could you sleep more peacefully at night if you had harnessed an income streaming to you?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mary King and I went from welfare to wealthy in less than 5 years. In 1998 I collected the Widow’s Allowance from the government. In 2002 I owned one million dollars worth of property.

I’ve been rich. I’ve been poor. Rich is better. That’s why you’ll want to keep reading. I’m passionate about women becoming financially free and independent in their own right. For too long women have had to rely on a partner, family, job or government for financial support and many have felt powerless.

I want you to be powerful! My personal purpose in life is to bring dignity into people’s lives by educating and inspiring them to define their dreams and be empowered to go for their dreams.

Women have special talents. They know how to care for their loved ones. Too often, in the past, women have had to struggle when circumstances change and they don’t have good financial support. Most women have not yet learned how to grow their money.

It doesn’t matter how much money you earn. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married or divorced. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

You can learn how to be a wealthy woman!

When I started to learn about money and how it works I was 51 years old. You can start at any age. Of course, I believe the younger you are when you start the better your results will be.

Are you willing to invest two days to find out what you need to do to acquire wealth? In just two days I’ll get you started on the road to becoming financially independent. In just two days I’ll teach you the principles and the strategies you need to learn to become wealthy. Rich is Better - Wealth For Women is a two-day seminar offering a greater sense of personal freedom for ambitious women who want to be wealthy. If you aspire to be wealthy and are willing to do what it takes, you can be wealthy.

Three very dangerous words in the English language are, “I know that.”
Those three words stop communication and they stop learning. As soon as you say, "I know that!" you shut down to new growth. Humans were designed to be information gatherers and problem solvers. I believe if you're not growing then you’re probably dying.
If you’re still struggling with your finances you may unconsciously be saying to yourself, “I already know about money.” Maybe you don’t know what you don’t know.

Whether you realize it or not, your future is being created RIGHT NOW.

Without clearing up patterns of habitual thought that you picked up as a child, your future is going to look an awful lot like your present.

And whatever is showing up in your life at this moment is a result of your past. So if you don't like what you see, if you're not happy with your current financial situation, when is a good time to do something about it? How about right NOW?

In the Rich is Better Wealth For Women workshop you will learn

  • The underlying cause of almost all financial problems
  • Why it is essential to manage your money now even if you don’t have much
  • How to redirect your personal inner rudder for a more profitable future
  • An easy money management system
  • How to get started in owning your own Real Estate
  • The difference between money and wealth
  • Universal generalized principles you can use to grow your wealth
  • The difference between working in a job you hate and doing something you love
  • How to invest in your own knowledge
  • How to resist the temptation of a ‘quick buck’
  • How to be proactive in pursuing wealth
  • and much more...

You also have to invest two whole days. That is one weekend away from converting your career, your bank account and your life to the highest levels of wealth and prosperity you always knew you deserved.

I promise to do my best to ensure you leave feeling so glad you came.

I look forward to meeting you and making a positive difference in your financial future.

You may purchase the workbook provided at the conclusion of the two-day workshop - Acquiring the Wealth Habit System Workbook or the Meditation CD used in the workshop - Having Abundance and Prosperity Meditation CD

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The Power to Choose (Rich or Poor)

P.S. This is a real opportunity to get started on becoming a wealthy woman. I’ve been rich. I’ve been poor. I can assure you Rich is Better. MK

P.P.S. If this special offer doesn't interest you, this time... perhaps you know someone else who would love to receive it... please send it on to them, or refer them to my website, thank you! MK