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Well Heeled & High Heeled: How to be a Wealthy Woman

Well Heeled & High Heeled(PDF format ebook)

In the old days a man was said to be ‘down at heel’ when his financial situation meant he didn’t have enough money to repair his shoes that had worn down at the heel. As I think about it now, I cannot recall that description ever being applied to a woman. I would like to see that situation changed. How lovely to be a woman who is well heeled and high heeled and know that term describes a woman who has achieved financial freedom and celebrates life.

This book is a mixture of inner and outer wisdom. The outer guidelines are the obvious practical steps you need to take to ensure you get control of your physical wealth as it manifests in the earth plane. The inner path ensures you align yourself with universal energy to create the outcomes you desire.


Path to Success

The Path To Success

Mary King is a co-author in the first Inspired Spirit anthology book along with other renowned visionaries, authors and world-class leaders in the personal empowerment and success fields such as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy to name just a few.

The Path To Success provides 55 inspiring stories from highly successful people from all over the globe. In an open, honest way they each share their personal stories and the secrets they’ve used to generate a six or even seven figure income through their businesses as well as sharing personal stories of triumph over adversity.

Topics covered in the book include; how to remove stress and embrace success; tried and true Universal principles to grow your own wealth; learn to move out of your comfort zone and achieve success; discover the (other) 'Secret' to living the life of your dreams; and many more stories of strength, courage and hope.

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The Intuitive Voice

The Intuitive Voice: Your Guide to Successful Living

Many people dream of tuning into their intuition. Mary King's book is a comprehensive guide to learning about and accessing the voice that knows everything.

The Intuitive Voice is an insightful, inspiring book all about learning to trust and be guided by the most valuable teacher you will ever have – yourself. Learn to listen to your inner voice. This book is meant to introduce you to the idea of listening to your intuitive voice.

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The Patriarchal Voice

The Patriarchal Voice: Turn Your Hidden Persuader into a Powerful Ally

The Patriarchal Voice is the embodied voice of patriarchy passed from generation to generation for centuries. Operating in the mind, it expresses the ideas and rules of the dominant philosophy of the patriarchal system. Put simply, if it is feminine it is inferior.

In men its effect is to restrict their ability to be open to their emotions and their vulnerability. In women it hinders their progress, inhibits their ability to speak and makes them doubt not only themselves, but also other women. By learning to recognise this voice within ourselves both men and women can evaluate its limiting beliefs. Then we have a chance to change our responses so that we empower ourselves and our relationships.

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Acquiring the Wealth Habit System

Acquring the Wealth HabitThis 45-day system is designed to prepare you for success. It's based on the idea "your inner world creates your outer world." The more you focus on clearing up blocks in your emotional, mental and spiritual worlds the more you will see results in your physical world.

We are creatures of habit. There are two kinds of habits. One is the habit of doing and the other is the habit of not doing. Whatever you are not doing you are in the habit of not doing.

If you're willing to do the daily practice you will build a habit that produces positive results in your life. Use your system each day for the whole 45 days.

You learn a fail-safe system for day-to-day managing your money. The program takes less than 10 minutes a day and the benefit to you is you create wealth habits that make you wealthy and happy. Daily exercises and affirmations reprogram your body, mind and spirit so you can be in charge of your financial life.



Having Abundance and Prosperity Meditation CD   

Having Abundance CDProgram yourself to have whatever you desire - play this meditation before you sleep at night and as you awaken.